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Regulatory Entrepreneurship, Redefining Industries and Globalising Innovation Through VC

Special Economic Zones - A Deep-Dive Into Their 1.000+ Year-Old History as Laboratories of Governance Innovation

Supersonic Jet Flight, Energy & Climate Innovation and Regulatory Hacking

I am an Afropolitan digital citizen now!

How Charter Cities Can Propel Economic Growth and Technological Progress

10 Theses About Regulation's Impact on Innovation & Growth

Autonomous Drone Delivery in Latam, International Aviation Regulation and Bold Emerging Market Governments Leading the Way Towards Innovation

DeFi Against the Machine - Learnings from the FTX Meltdown & Building a Privatized and Decentralized Gold Standard for the 21st century

Intellectual Monopoly, "Great Inventors" as Patent Trolls and the Lifecycle of Innovation

Discovering the Secret of Ancient Nuclear Waste, a Forgotten Government Experiment Buried in Old Documents & the Quest to Produce Electricity Too Cheap to Meter

Bringing Back A Future Past With Flying Cars, Nano-Robots and Multi-Level Cities By Nurturing A Techno-Optimist Culture and a Unleashing Second Nuclear Age

Accelerating Bitcoinization through Education - AmityAge Academy Founder Dusan Matuska on Moving to Prospera, Educating 100m People about Bitcoin and the Future of Money

How IP-NFTs, Open Source Pharma & Decentralised Science (DeSci) Can Unleash the Power of Off-Patent Generic Drugs w/ Savva Kerdemelidis

Don't schedule everything.

Government Regulations and "Complexity"

The entrepreneur's dilemma in regulated industries

The Case Against the Pitch Deck

The Case Against the FDA

Law as the Software of Society, Open Source Legal Kernels and Competitive Governance

Exit Options from Public Education, the Failures of Schooling & the Purpose of Learning

Open Innovation, Healthcare AI and the Narrative for the Future

When entrepreneurs break the law

Insights from "The Network State" Part I

Introducing the "Stranded Technologies Podcast"

Building the Silicon Valley of Latin America

Bring your boss problems, not solutions

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