The Network State is becoming a meme. Yet few people know the “zero-to-one” (Patri Friedman) already exists. This is a concise list of the key Prospera…
Meet me in Montenegro and Roatan
Remastered Podcast Ep. 3
Podcast Ep.39 with Alex Tabarrok
Podcast Ep.38 with Alicia Nahmad

February 2023

I started working on re-doing earlier podcast episodes, to improve audio quality and flow. The two main changes are: 1) studio sound overlay (big…
Podcast Ep. 37 with Luke Iseman
Podcast Ep. 36 with David A. Johnston
Podcast Ep. 35 with Bret Kugelmass
Podcast Ep. 34 with Eche Emole

January 2023

Podcast Ep. 33 with Scott A. Beyer
Podcast Ep. 32 with Patri Friedman